Ancient and Roman Agora of Athens - Audioguide (55mn)

Discover the captivating history of the ancient and Roman agoras of Athens with our immersive audio tour. Explore the fascinating remains of these emblematic spaces and immerse yourself in the cradle of democracy. Animated narratives will take you on a tour of the popular and political gathering places that helped shape the destiny of ancient Greece. Take a trip back through time with in-depth commentary, fascinating anecdotes, and a memorable experience at the heart of Athens' history.

Reference: AGATH-110

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Audioguide Athens Sights of Athens Attica

Purchase includes:

  • Instant download after payment.
  • Installation guide for your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  • A link to download the audioguide app.
  • A self-guided tour in English or French.
  • The QR code to activate and access your audio tour.
  • Once downloaded, access to the content, even offline.
  • Technical support on demand 

The audioguide contains:

  • Descriptions of some fifty points of interest on the sites of Ancient Agora, Temple of Hephaestus, Roman Agora, Tower of the Winds, Pantainos Library.
  • Automatic narration with interactive geolocated map.
  • Sound track of about one hour of detailed explanations, anecdotes and myths.
  • Numerous photos, illustrations, 3D reproductions and plans.
  • Throughout the visit, you can replay the commentary at will.
  • Once loaded, the tour remains accessible on your smartphone.

Make sure that:

  • You have downloaded the player app.
  • Your phone is fully charged.
  • You have earbuds or headphones.

What is not included:

  • Admission to sites and museums.
  • Pick up from your lodging.
  • Escorted by a licensed guide.

Explore the grandeur of ancient Greece with our engaging audio guides and dive into the fascinating stories that reveal the mysteries of this extraordinary civilization. Wander through the narrow ancient streets, relive the legends and discover the splendor of ancient Greece. Let yourself be transported through time and space. Each commentary will plunge you into the heart of an extraordinary era. Get ready for an immersive adventure of discovery and wonder, as our audio guides reveal the hidden treasures of ancient Greece.

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